About the Trust

The Trust and Trust Land Office

Work Of The Trust

The Trust is the only organization of its kind in the United States. It works similarly to a private foundation, funding projects and programs that promote long-term systematic change and improve the lives and circumstances of beneficiaries. A further condition of the settlement established an independent board of trustees appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Alaska Legislature to oversee Trust operations. The Trust designates a majority of its annual budget for grants to beneficiaries, nonprofits, service providers, tribal entities, governmental agencies and other groups that prioritize goals and initiatives consistent with the Trust’s mission. More than $20 million in grants are provided across the state for community-based projects, statewide efforts and mini grants each year. TRUST FOCUS AREAS The Trust concentrates its efforts in a select number of areas including:

Trust Land Office

The Trust Land Office structures planning around seven asset classes: land, minerals and materials, program related real estate, forests, real estate, energy and mitigation marketing. Revenue-generating uses of Trust land include land leasing and sales; real estate investment and development; commercial timber sales; mineral exploration and production; coal, oil and gas exploration and development; sand, gravel and rock sales and other general land uses.

Strengthening the System

The work of the Trust aligns with Strengthening the System: Alaska’s Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program Plan (Comp Plan), that was developed in a partnership between the Trust and the Department of Health and Social Services in coordination with community stakeholders. The Comp Plan identifies priorities for the next five years to inform planning and funding decisions to meet the needs of Trust beneficiaries. The intent is to strengthen the system of care to allow a comprehensive approach that quickly meets their needs. View the Comp Plan here. Visit alaskamentalhealthtrust.org to learn more about the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

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